A.1 Spicy mouth-watering chicken (Cold spicy Chicken)

A.3 Spicy and sour mung bean jelly salad

A.5 Pig’s tripe in delicious spicy tongue-numbing sauce

A.7 Chicken gizzards in sesame oil

A.9 Sliced bamboo shoots in red chilli oil

A.11 Chinese style pickled chunky vegetables with a touch of chilli oil

A.13 Sliced lamb’s offal in delicious spicy tongue-numbing sauce

A.15 Crunchy stripped potato salad with sesame oil

A.19 Peanuts and dry Tofu in spicy sauce

A.21 Sichuan Style Home-made spicy sausage

A.23 Salt-boiled Edamame (green soy bean pods)

A.2 Spicy beef and honeycomb tripe

A.4 Delicious crunchy pig’s ear in red chilli oil

A.8 Fresh cucumber in garlic sauce

A.10 Crunchy sweet and sour black fungus

A.12 Spicy mouth-watering Omasum (beef tripe)

A.14 Sliced pig’s snout in spicy sauce

A.16 Skillfully cut pig’s kidney in spicy sauce

A.18 Steamed egg-plant in delicious spicy garlic sauce

A.20 Crunchy Fried Pean-nuts

A.22 Smoked pig’s snout

A.24 Green pepper and Chinese special preserved duck egg salad

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