E.1 Chong-Qing style hot and spicy fish fillet

E.3 Tasty stir fry prawns (in shells) with dried red chilli

E.6 Seafood with crispy rice clusters in sauce

E.8 Stir fry prawns with cashew nuts

E.10 Sichuan style steamed giant fish head with Chinese pickled red chilli

E.2 Hot and sour fish with Chinese pickled cabbage

E.4 Stir fry prawns with celery and peppers

E.5 Stir-fry scampi with spicy and tongue-numbing sauce on the bed of yellow-bean sprouts

E.7 Tasty stir-fry squid and broccoli

E.9 Fish head stew with Tofu & Chinese dried vegetables in a clay pot

E.11 Sichuan Style special boiled fish fillet

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