G.1 Special juicy Chinese cabbage cooked in stock

G.3 Stir fry Choi sum (on its own for its fresh original taste)

G.5 Stir fry Bok Choy with Garlic

G.7 Tasty Sautéed green beans with pork mince

G.9 Stir fry stripped potato with chilli and Chinese vinegar

G.11 Stir fry bean sprout with pepper

G.13 Crunchy mixed fresh vegetable salad with special sauce

G.2 Stir fry Ganlan with garlic

G.4 Stir fry cabbage with dried red chilli

G.6 Stir fry mix vegetable

G.8 Sautéed egg-plant with Yu-Shiang sauce (sweet, sour & spicy taste)

G.10 Stir-fry cubed lotus root

G.12 Stir-fry Chinese cabbage with chopped pickled chilli

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