H.1 Lamb offal with Go-ji berry soup

H.3 Sichuan sour and spicy soup (with Tofu, black fungus etc.)

H.5 Fried eggs with tomato soup

H.7 Pickled cabbage with sliced pork belly (Northern Chinese Style) soup

H.9 Pickled cabbage with thin mung bean vermicelli soup

H.11 Bok Choy with Tofu soup

H.13 Chicken stew with ginkgo nuts in a clay pot

H.2 Pig’s stomach with wild mushroom soup

H.4 Sliced pork with tomato soup

H.6 Tomato and egg drop soup

H.8 Pickled Chinese mustard root with stripped pork soup

H.10 Seaweed and egg drop soup

H.12 Deep fried pork with potato vermicelli soup

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