K.1 Chong-Qing Dan Dan noodle

K.3 Tasty spicy noodle soup with stewed pork guts

K.5 Cold noodle salad with shredded chicken

K.7 Noodle soup with many ingredients

K.9 Fried noodle with beef

K.11 Fried noodle with lamb

K.13 Fried noodle with pork

K.15 Noodle soup with pickled mustard root and stripped pork

K.17 Wild Chinese mushroom noodle soup with finely sliced beef

K.19 Noodle soup with fish ball

K.21 Chong-Qing style noodle soup with lamb offals

K.24 Steamed dumpling (pork mince filling)

K.26 Dumplings in Sichuan Style

K.28 Steamed pork buns (6)

K.30 Steamed big bun (pork mince and soy bean paste filling)

K.32 Shallow fry vege buns (6) with sesame seeds

K.36 Deep fried spring rolls

K.38 Peach shaped steamed bun with red bean paste filling

K.2 Spicy Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket

K.4 Sour and Spicy noodle salad

K.6 Noodle with pork mince and soy bean paste (Sichuan style)

K.8 Fried noodle with mixed seafood

K.10 Fried noodle with chicken, cashew nuts, Chinese sausage

K.12 Fried noodle with chicken

K.14 Fried noodle with beef and lamb (with a hint of cumin seeds)

K.16 Wild Chinese mushroom noodle soup with finely sliced lamb

K.18 Noodle soup with beef ball

K.20 Sliced chicken breast noodle soup

K.22 Vegan Dan Dan noodle

K.25 Shallow fry dumplings (pork mince filling)

K.27 Wonton with spicy sauce

K.29 Steamed vegetable buns (6, contain eggs)

K.31 Shallow fry pork buns (6) with sesame seeds

K.34 Deep fried sweet taro rolls with sesame seeds

K.37 Big Chinese steamed plain bun

K.23 Chicken stew with ginkgo nuts noodle soup

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